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CV Indo Walet has more than 20 years of experience in birds nest field. In 2016, we built our first special manufacture to process bird nest in Surabaya that was internationally certified of ISO 22000, HACCP. & GMP so that we can produce the qualified bird nests. CV Indo Walet’s products are marketed with the brand of Golden Bamboo Nest and distributed to many countries.

With the vision of producing the most qualified and innovative bird nest in South East Asia, we consistently make innovations to our products and management periodically, apply the quality control and product safety using the international production standard, apply the personal hygiene system on the working environment and working together by prioritizing the solidarity and good as well

We process each product professionally and through strict supervision to make sure that all of the staffs follow the procedure to produce a qualified bird nest, from the raw materials harvest until the production process to produce a natural bird nest without chemicals, preservatives or any other dangerous materials added.

Golden Bamboo Nest has the premium bird nest products with the typical white egg smell and flavor, rich in nutrition as well.

Some of the nutrient contents that are good for our body are proline which has function in increasing the skin texture and anti-aging agent, sialic acid as brain nutrient which stimulates the nerves to work optimally in forming the long term memory, aspartic acid functions in increasing the body metabolism, threonine can prevent the cumulation of fat in the liver, and 9-octadecenoic acid (ODA) as well as hexadecanoic acid (HAD) that can inhibit the cancer and lower the cholesterol level.




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